The Gyrobattery. Gyroscopic Flywheel Energy Storage. The most efficient energy storage system available.

Using already developed, time-tested technology, a modern flywheel energy storage design is the most efficient and cost-effective solution for both long term and short term energy storage.

With the increasing need to significantly reduce oil and coal consumption by tapping into Nature’s own endless supply of energy; Solar, Wind, Geothermal, a solution must be devised to supply capacitance equal to that of our burgeoning energy demands. While there are several viable options, the most efficient method for stationary energy storage and capacitance is through centrifugal inertia collection within a rotating mass. A spinning mass battery, a gyroscope battery, a Gyrobattery.



Sizing reference and statistics for Flywheel Batteries from University of Texas engineered real-life studies.


flywheel storage diagram

flywheel storage diagram


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